Women Hair 2016

Women Hair 2016.The Film Festival gave us more than just a look into the world of clothing fashion patterns. Technically, it is supposed to be for the films but rarely is, since the gorgeous hair and makeup looks of the star actresses from around the world take up all the attention the media seems to have to give. There are fewer articles about the awards and the films themselves than on what each was wearing, which Very Important Person was present at the event and how the women were all act.

Women Hair 2016 Women Hair 2016 Women Hair 2016 Women Hair 2016

The dark skinned beauty looked positively luscious with her fuchsia lipstick all glossy and pretty, amplifying the green of her dress. Her lashes were long and sultry as her hair was pulled back into a royal princess style bun, smoothed back from the crown and kept in place with a headed headband, dark green, and white matched with the light green and blushing white of the dress. She looked magnificent to say the least, and that pearly smile just makes her prettier. It appears the Heavens have opened up and dropped to earth an Angel, as stunning as Doutzen Kroes.

Women Hair 2016 Women Hair 2016

With her Atelier Versace dress, she stunned the world, while her smoky feline eyes, she must up but strangely ideal chignon and the falling strands around her face made her seem like an innocent princess with some awesome hidden powers here. Kroes is an Angel with character and messing with this girl is never the recommended route to take. Have you ever seen Julianne Moore look anything less than positively stunning? Yeah, neither have we. Between her dress and her jewelry, we were enthralled by that evil witch demeanor, but it’s how she wore her hair in a side slicked up to do. Her lips pretty in the nude, her eyes smoky and focused on the lashes that had us falling head over heels in line with all that she defines.

Women Hair 2016 Women Hair 2016

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