Best Blonde Hair 2016

Best Blonde Hair 2016

Best Blonde Hair 2016.They say blonde shades bring more joy and fun with them. There are so many hues of blonde that you can experiment with always lightening or darkening your hair. But if you have light skin tone and light eye color here we represent you the Best Blonde Hair 2016. If you have decided to change your current shade then have a look at these examples. A new hair color always tends to change your entire look and to provide you with a refreshed appearance.  Best Blonde Hair 2016 (3)

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Blondes who are fond of reddish touches in their hair surely love the strawberry blonde hair color. It’s a very strong and inspiring hair color which is seldom met as a natural hue, which is one of the reasons why stylish ladies choose it. Strawberry blonde is ideal especially for those who have rosy cheeks and green eyes.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (4)

Ash Grey Blonde Hair Color

The Granny trend is here and if you think it’s your style, then go ahead. Ash grey blonde is a light hair color closer to grey hues and women who can’t help seeing themselves in grey shade experiment with this hue. It best works with fair complexions and brings out their beautiful skin tone.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (8)

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Though some brunettes have tried platinum blonde hair color but generally it’s better for blondes and for fair complexions. Girls that experiment with this hair color always rock it, that why today the majority of women think about this shade. If you like you can go for a platinum blonde and pink ombre and its subtle look will please you.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (1)

Bright Golden Blonde Hair Color

Need a more eye-catching blonde hue on your luscious locks? Try the bright golden blonde hair color. This will make you look like a princess and will bring out you skin tone. It will also warm up your face and will make you sweeter. Combining it with retro makeup and red lipstick you’ll be done with your fabulous look.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (2)

Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Those who are confused between the shades of blonde and brunette may like the golden mid; dirty blonde. This is the best option for women who like both blonde and brunette hair colors. Besides it looks like a natural shade and keeps you away from the annoying questioning about your “fake” hair color.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (5)

Light Blonde Hair Color

This is something very subtle and delicate. It reminds us of the hair colors of little blonde babies. The soft and natural-looking shades of the light blonde are very tender and have a touch of more femininity. If you want to lighten up your hair color then this is a great choice for you.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (6)

Sandy Blonde Hair Color

The name itself sounds delightful. This shade is special for ladies who need to make their hair look like more texturized. It allows you add highlights and thus make your locks look fuller. You can add caramel, dark blonde, reddish brown or other highlights on sandy blonde hair.Best Blonde Hair 2016 (7)